Sometimes people ask about our equipment.  Well, let's just say this, we believe that every part of your event is  extremely important and we use only the highest quality sound equipment around.  We don't believe it's ever ok to not hear a wedding  ceremony or speech because the microphone "cut out" or that the sound was muddled during dancing because it was too loud.  That's just not something that acceptable at our events.  Period.    

We often have potential clients ask us, "What do you do to make events fun?" The answer depends on our couples.  We don't love Cookie-cutter weddings and events.  We love to think outside the box and listen to what our clients are looking for, both musically and just the overall vibe.  We ask a lot of questions in our planning sessions to help understand the vive you are looking for.  Looking for a formal and elegant event with a great emcee and that classic feel?  Done it!  Do you want a laid back, lower key VIBE?  We got ya!  Do you want a kick ass DJ and a packed dance floor VIBE?  Yep... we do that (a lot)!   

Yeah, we love the word VIBE, isn't that really what we all think about when planning a celebration?  Let's make that VIBE incredible, memorable and fun!

We would love to tell you everything, but frankly we like typing as much as you like reading lots of text.  So call, email or text us now and find out more about how we can help you celebrate! 

For over 25 years Music & More Entertainment has been one of the leading DJ companies in Northern California and Nevada. It's simple, we believe that each wedding should be unique and fun in its own special way. And we should dance. And Celebrate.  A lot.

We've continually refined our services and approach to each event we work at while continuing to educate ourselves in our craft. Being a well-spoken emcee, being able to read a crowd and room, and knowing music inside and out are the main reason we have so many happy couples that still refer us years after their wedding. We are proud to be a preferred DJ,  Lighting, and Photo Booth company for more than 20 of the best venues around. And we've never asked to be on those lists. Great venues want to work with great vendors.  You do to, right?

We LOVE what we do and make sure that each of our clients gets our full attention to assure their event it the best it can possibly be.  And More...

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